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Your website is often the first thing people see when they're browsing the internet. 85% of users admit they judge a company's credability by the look of their website. That's why it's important to have an updated, easy to use, and engaging website. Users are more likely to choose you over the competition if your website looks professional and has a good user experience.

Answer these questions.

  • Does your current website improve your organization's credibility?
  • Is your site producing significant leads for your business? Is it helping to grow your sales?
  • Is your site user friendly? Can visitors easily find information they are looking for?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Do you even know if your website is effective? Can you measure site results?
  • If a prospect visits your website, will it improve your chance of turning them into a customer?
  • Can prospects find your business when searching for your service or product offering? Is your site optimized for search (SEO)?
If you answered no to at lease one of those questions or are unsure, your website needs improvement.
Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to see how you can improve your web presence and drive more sales.

Do you have an ongoing content marketing plan for your website?

To be successful these days, your website needs to be a living, breathing entity. An effective website should be designed so that your organization can proactively market new products or services, initiatives, or events. So if you update your site, be sure to consider what types of content (blogging, events, case studies, project galleries, white papers, etc.) fit best into your organization’s content marketing strategy.

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