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Our Why?

"At Millaviant, we are more than just an agency; we are the backbone of growing small businesses. Driven by our core values of community, trust, and mindfulness, we are dedicated to empowering small business owners with innovative web design, email marketing, and SEO solutions. We believe in nurturing relationships with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and providing unwavering support to help them succeed. Our mission is not only to elevate brands in the digital landscape but also to prioritize the mental well-being of small business owners, ensuring their journey to success is one of purpose, fulfillment, and lasting impact."

How do we do it?

We deliver creative solutions, services, and strategies that produce results.

Core Values

  • We value community because two is better than one.
  • We value trust because you deserve someone to count on no matter what.
  • We value mindfulness because you're mental well-being is important no matter what.

Meet Millaviant

Creative Fufuilment Team

Brandon Mills Founder of Millaviant

Brandon Mills - Owner

One day, 6 years ago, I was faced with a problem. I wanted a custom website and couldn't afford to hire someone to do it. I started doing research on HTML and CSS. With basic knowlege I created my very first website from scratch. The more I learned, the more I enjoyed building websites and apps. In my sophomore year of high school, I got with a friend and started my very first web design agency. Helping people build custom websites became my mission and I developed a strong pasion for helping companies improve their online presence and grow. Eventually my personal life changed drasticly and I was faced with a mountain that seemed impossible to climb. Fast forward to 2022, I had a vision for another company called Millaviant. My passion to help build brands and make waves in the creative space is now stronger than ever before. This is my career, this is what I love to do. Millaviant launched in March of 2023 as a full service creative agency. We specialize in brand development, web design, and content marketing. I'm excited to see Millaviant grow and i'm blessed to be able to do what I love to do.

Connecting people with people. Connecting brands with people.

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